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An Extensive Guide to Perfect World M’s Fearsome Untamed Class

Perfect World M welcomes all gamers to an enthralling fantasy world, comprising of an incredible 60 million square meters. This guide will offer an in-depth look into the Untamed class, their powers, cultivation levels, and combat techniques.

The Capacity of Nurturing is considerable. Nurturing something can lead to significant results. It is possible to create something of great value through careful attention and growth. The effects of dedication and commitment to a task or goal can be seen in the results.

In Perfect World M, the cultivation system is the primary factor in a cultivator’s development. It is by cultivating that players are able to obtain new abilities, reach higher levels of power, and unleash their true capabilities. The Untamed class follows a progressive cultivation route, each rank bringing greater power and versatility. Now let us examine the seven cultivation levels open to Untamed and the combat skills they are able to unlock.

Strengthening Core Abilities

Those who join the Foundation Building will have access to the following abilities:

1. Hammer Strike (Basic Skill): A basic attack is dealt, adding an extra 17 points of physical damage to the target. No True Qi Cost; Energy Gained: 1; Cooldown: Zero seconds.

2. Unleash the strength of the Beast King by transforming into your human form and slamming down a mighty hammer, causing an additional 37 points of physical damage to the enemy. Cost of True Qi: 53%; Reward: 3 Energy; Cooldown: 4 seconds.

3. Earth Rupture (Human Form Needed): With an almighty leap, you can surge into the sky and crash back down with such power it causes a shockwave that does 55 points of physical damage to the target and all other creatures within 8 meters. The target’s movement speed is slowed by 40% for a period of 2 seconds. True Qi Cost: 60%; Energy Gain: 6; Cooldown: 15 seconds.

4. Wind Fire Wheel (Basic Skill): When in humanoid shape, carry out a whirling attack, causing 7 points of extra physical damage to adversaries within a 3-meter area. Mobility is achievable while executing the move. In animal form, invoke fiery cyclones that last for 12 seconds, inflicting 2 points of extra physical damage to adversaries within a 3-meter distance and producing considerable intimidation. True Qi Cost: 22%; Energy Gain: 11; Cooldown: 15 seconds.

The capabilities of the Spirit Void Level can be seen in the following skills.

Upon achieving the Spirit Void level, the Untamed procure potent abilities that strengthen their fighting capabilities:

1. Thousand Pound Hammer (Human Form Necessary): A powerful stroke with a colossal weapon can cause an extra 60 points of physical damage to the target. The target will be stunned for 2 seconds. True Qi Cost: 82%; Energy Gain: 7; Recharging Time: 8 seconds.

2. The Beast King’s Invincibility in Human Form: Transform your bravery into an intense burst of true Qi, causing an extra 91 points of physical harm to the target. True Qi Expenditure: 53%; Energy Gain: 3; Cooldown: 12 seconds.

The ability to attain harmony is a skill that must be acquired.

As they reach Harmony level, Untamed become even more capable in combat with the additional skills they unlock.

Shape-shifting: Tiger (Basic Skill): Transform into a majestic white tiger, acquiring the use of beast form skills while increasing block, physical defense, and magical defense by 550%. There is a 30% rise in movement speed, and maximum health is tremendously augmented. True Qi Cost: 0; Cooldown: 8 seconds.

2. Rend (Beast Form Necessary): Release your primal urges and rip into foes with your claws, dealing an extra 4 points of physical damage. The target will then suffer 2 points of physical damage for the next 15 seconds. This ability guarantees a hit and will provoke the target. True Qi Cost: 2%; Energy Gain: 7; Cooldown: 6 seconds.

3. Consume (Beast Form Necessary): Open your feline jaws wide and clamp down on the adversary, dealing extra 8 points of physical harm. This attack raises your damage reduction by 40% and reduces the target’s physical defense by 15% for a period of 5 seconds. True Qi Cost: 51%; Energy Gain: 3; Cooldown: 3 seconds.

The ability to access skills at a nascent soul level can be acquired.

Once someone has attained the Nascent Soul level, their skills become more powerful than ever before.

1. True Qi Burst (Fundamental Ability): A momentary flare of true Qi boosts your physical attack power by 10% for 10 seconds. During this outburst, you are impenetrable for 1 second. True Qi Cost: 100; Recharge Period: 10 seconds.

2. Roar (Basic Skill): Unleash a mighty bellow, stunning adversaries within 10m of the user for a period of 1 second and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds. If the user is in beast form, this technique will also provoke enemies for 3 seconds. True Qi Cost: 49%; Cooldown: 15 seconds.

3. Unbridled Assault (Beast Form Needed): Dash at foes with furious intensity, dealing an extra 4 points of physical damage, stunning them for 2 seconds, and reducing their speed by 30% for 5 seconds. You are protected from any type of control effects while executing this skill. It can even interrupt a boss skill. True Qi Cost: 49%; Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Developing the ability to deal with difficulty is what is referred to as Tribulation Crossing Level Skills.

Those who reach the Tribulation Crossing tier of Untamed are well-equipped with powerful abilities to gain the upper-hand against their enemies.

1. Unleashing a massive force, (Beast Form Required): This attack deals 17 points of physical damage to the target and those in a 5-meter radius around them. It additionally reduces the speed of movement of the affected targets by 50% for 6 seconds. The True Qi Cost is 62%; Energy Gained: 3; Cooldown: 12 seconds.

By invoking the spirit of the tortoise, one can receive a 40% damage reduction over a span of 20 seconds. There is a True Qi cost of 200 and a cooldown of 60 seconds for this power.

Possessing Capabilities of a Catastrophic Nature

When the Untamed reach the Extinction level, they unleash an immense and destructive power.

Heaven and Earth Annihilation (Human Form Required): An 8-meter radius attack that requires you to sacrifice 50% of your health and true Qi to activate it, with each point of health and true Qi consumed adding 75 damage points. Those within 4 meters receive 100% of the damage, those between 4 and 6 meters get 50%, and enemies within 6 and 8 meters take 20%. True Qi Cost: 200; Cooldown: 60 seconds.

In Summary

Perfect World M’s Untamed class allows players to dive into an immersive gaming experience. Cultivation of powerful combat skills is necessary, as you will need to master all of them in order to succeed. Furthermore, you have the ability to use the Redfinger Android emulator to practice the special skills of different races in order to gain an edge.


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